WTT: 17"wht ADR rims & Yokohama tires


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I am looking to trade/sell these 17" white ADR Design rims on Yokohama tires...

Here are the links to some of the pictures I have...The other images I have include pics of each individual wheel (including a close up of each rim and tread) if you really want to see the condition of each wheel.

Just some of the pics...
Front Driverside Rim
Front Driverside Tread


If your up for a trade or buy, lemme know what your offering...I would prefer the trade but if there's a reasonable offer i can work something out...

Harms Way

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woops, sorry bout that man. I just saw this new post and looked at your wheels. they look nice. Like I said before I have 15 inch SI wheels if you're interested. Thanks


what kind of 15's do you want?
i'll go get them so i can trade you

i'm near kingston, ny