WTT 1990 Honda CRX Hf


This car has a stock motor with 5spd trans 120,000 orginal miles on it orginal miles. I have a full set of CRX Si Wheels with brand new winter tires on them. I am the second owner. I just replaced the Altanator. I also replaced the Shocks in the rear and bought a set of lowering springs and short shifter that are installed. Pioneer headunit and pioneer door speakers. Paint has a few bad spots 1 rust spot the size of a quarter on the driver side door just surface rust. 5" Autometer tach with shift light. I am looking for a 92 Hatch CX or a, 92 Civic DX 5 spd or $2500.00 I can get pics if you want them. Pic up only!


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...yeah if you shift at 1500 rpms. I had an HF...well I still do, but I doesn't have a d15 in it anymore :ph34r: ...and it didn't get 40 in town...more like 30 :lol:


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I should warn you guys but I won't let the guy sell his car.


The interior to the car is in good condition there is no donut in the back because the brace to hold it down broke off! I also replaced the passenger axle / half shaft. I have pics if anyone wants them!