NY WTT: 1995 civic dx coupe for crx or something 5 speed

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Senior Member
Full Name: zane salvati
Email: zaneithan@hotmail.com
City, State, Zip: 12792
Shipping: local pickup, willing to meet
Price: WTT

looking to trade my civic for a honda crx si if i can, its a 1995 automatic civic dx with a salvage title, looks to have been a front hit that blew the airbags, the front bumper was white im assuming but is sprayed over with red, front end has a few dents, nothing too serious, could use a new passenger fender and blinker, car drives straight and i have had it on a lift and could not find any bent or screwed up metal

193k miles on it, used as a college commuter car, doesnt burn any oil, tranny is in pretty good shape, everything works on the car

sorry about how filthy the car is =\ nasty weather on LI





has new brakes as of my ownership at the beginning of the winter (rotors and pads i believe and adjustment of the rear drums), little rough around the edges but not anything that isnt fixeable, rust is starting to bubble just a tad on the rear wheel well (typical rust spot) but other then than no real rust on the body that i can find