WTT: Starion in western PA


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looking for an '88+ Civic/CRX/something in western PA or nearby willing to trade for my widebody starion. for those unfamiliar it is a RWD door coupe, has a 2.6L SOHC turbo 4 cylinder, LSD, IRS, 4W disc, ABS, PW, PS, PB, PM, PL, etc etc. stock it makes 188hp & 235ft/lbs @10psi. this one has a cat back, gutted cats, proper intake mods, and a street prepped head with HKS cam. 92K on the odo, with about 3K on head/gasket. needs a few body pieces(air dam, fender, grille) and the interior is kinda used up but complete. little play in the rear end but new diff mounts are on the way. let me know what you have, as long as it has little to no rust on it.

e-mail or AOL IM is your best bet