xbox 360, fallout 3 with guide and gta 4...

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xbox 360, fallout 3 with guide and gta 4...

I use my vacuum cleaner more than this thing so it needs to go to a home that will use it more than i will, cause it wont get any more play time out of me. With my work schedule it wont happen.

So here it is:

xbox 360 el cheapo version arcade or what ever its called has a few weeks of play tops. Bought it in late January, still plays like the day i got and proof that it still works or is not stolen.
Box with no receipt.

Pic of it on just now on

I want to try to get 150 shipped.

Fallout 3 with guide

40 shipped for both

None of the cds are messed up or scratched, The console is complete and comes with everything but the bonus game that came with it. Includes one controller and all the cords and even comes in the box.

Will ship it almost any where prices include it shipped to you.

Pm me if interested.
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