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Alright, Hi everyone! Im new yes, and im young..Here for some pics, answeres and info on Honda's..

My Projekt Revolution Si is a Xmod body (No pics yet), Still searching for a body..

My question...Who's Civic Is this? Whoevers it is, Please step foward...:eek: Its Secksi, And it has inspired me to copy it on a Xmod body, But YOU (Whoever) has to give me permission. ;)



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are you going to be marketing this xmod or something? if you're going to be profiting from it you must first talk to honda.


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you don't need copyright permission on a model car. and unless you are going to sell it, you don't need anything from honda or the owner.

plus, there are a million hondas that look just like that. it wont really matter if you get some ideas from it.


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when i got mine all they made were Supras, Skylines, Civic SI.. i think thats it.. now they got all kinds of shit.. wonder if they have a dc2 body
Integra? No....(Correct if wrong)

All they've ever made were...

Acura RSX = DC2?
C5 Corvette
C6 Corvette
67 Camaro
04 Cobra
05 Mustang GT
65 Mustang
67 FireBird
08-09 GT-R
99 Skyline GT-R
00 Civic Si
(Soon) 09 Audi R8
04 Porsche Cayenne


high density foot.
Find a da9 or dc2 integra and i will rep you lol


I bought an RSX, modded the holy hell out of it (custom made crap) and sold it for $150. Which represented less than half of what I had in it.

It was fun to build but in the end, when its all said and done, and you have the baddest x-mod on the planet you come to realize that even then, its just a sucky little RC car.