y1 and ys1 clutch interchangability?

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I searched but couldnt find any concrete info. I have a 93 ys1 transmission and have came across a y1 with lsd. Id like to know if the clutches would interchange.

Im leaning towards the y1(which came in the civic sir) to have a completely different clutch but perhaps i am wrong.

Anyone know for sure?

?? Thats not the info i managed to gather.

Heres what i dug up, can someone confirm it.

the 90-91 YS1 is the same shaft size as the Y1 but the 92-93 YS1 has the bigger spline count which is the same all the way up to 2001.
Here's the rules.

Every B series tranny/clutch from 88-91 is the smaller input shaft.

Every B series tranny/clutch from 92+ is the 1mm larger input shaft.

Tah dah.