Y1 to S80 switch up


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Will the Y1 tranny internals(mainshaft, countershaft, diff., and shift assembly)fit into an S80 case?


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So you could run the 94+ GSR internals in a cable operated chassis. The S80 internals are worlds better than the crappy parts they used for the cable trannys. I don't think it will work but I have never found anyone that could give me a deffinate answer.


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Originally posted by rush101@Apr 6 2004, 01:22 PM
I want to put the Y1 internals into the S80 ls case.

Even if it did work, this is a complete waste of time. The Y1 internals a poop, the only reason they are run at all is they are the only cable trannys out there.


There's no need for multiple threads and asking the same questions multiple times and to be honest with you the likelihood of it actually working is no they are completely different cast and there will be small differences