y8 vtec solenoid, which wires are which?

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i have an 88 crx and know somebody's gonna say post in the ef forum, but the y8 head is from an ek, 97 ex to be exact. i'm not sure which wires are which on the vtec solenoid. i'm converting from obd0 to 1 and have a conversion harness. there's three wires from the harness and three on the solenoid, so that's all good. the wires from the harness say vtec solenoid signal, vtec pressure switch signal, and vtec pressure switch ground. i'm guessing that the vtec solenoid signal wire goes to the green/yellow wire that's by itself. i'm not sure about the other two that're together on the plug but i'm guessing that the red/white wire is the vtec pressure switch signal and the green/black wire is the ground. can anybody verify this? thanks guys i appreciate it