YAY, my "new" rebuilt turbo

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The Trisexual
Well here is some pics of my 60/63.

Before anyone says it, yes the flange is on the wrong way...I know. I couldn't take a pic the way I wanted because of the stud and I didn't want to take it out yet. So I just took the pic like that.

4 out of the 5 bolts for the WG housing may fit. 3 defenitly will but I don't know If I feel comfortable with that.

I haven't had a chance to take the WG housing off my other turbo yet or I would just put it on and see how it lines up.


If I manage to get the .48 housing off I think I may want to use it anyway for the quicker spool.

Even if I couldn't get the WG housing to work. I got it so cheap (under 100 bucks and the turbo is in great condition). I could just make a flange and modify my manifold to work with an external gate or get a 48 housing or something else. The compressor, wheel and backing plate was worth what I paid.


The Trisexual

I'm, fucking happy.

finally got the 48 housing loose, time to rebuild the exhuast side, put the .60 compressor housing on and have a nice "semi-medium" sized turbo.

I thinka freshly rebuilt 60/48 for under 300 bucks is a great deal. :) :) :) :)

Plus I have a 42/63 now also. Not sure what I want to do with that.


Finished rebuilding it and ready to put on :)

sorry for the crappy quality pics.



The Trisexual
it was defenitly a noticable upgrade also.

sure it takes a couple hundred more RPM to spin it, but it just pulls so much harder.

I'm sick of this internal gate BS too. I can't boost more than 5-6lbs no matter what I do. Even with the new setup.

-38mm is 1.5" correct? I'm at work or I would searh for the formula... I'm not buying a new mani, I'll modify mine though.
-Also where's the best place to mount it? between the 2nd and 3rd runners?