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what do you guys think of these tires?
My friend has the spec II's on his accord. They don't grip for shiznit lol. They look cool, but beyond that they don't have much going for them IMO. I've had BFG G-force ta kdw on my ride for a little over a year and i would highly recommend them. Great grip in the dry AND wet, and believe it or not, not too bad in the snow. :)
Toyo Proxes FZ4's grip like no other, but their treadwear SUCKS.
proxes FZ4 are the WORST TIRE i have ever used. prowler, i don't know wtf is wrong with you. i think id take stock michelins over another set of those.

im running spec 2s up front, well was, on my volks- good dry traction- prine to hydro plane int he wet....
to date, the best tires ive used are pirelli p-zeros.... but with a 140 treadwear, they go down fast

for next season, im in a debate between the azenis and a couple others