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^_^ Hey everyone... just wanted to say hi and catch up with everyone. I see that there are quite a few new peeps on here too, so hi to you as well! I haven't really posted in a while more of just lurking and such when I get a little free time. So as far as an update to where Ive been hiding out...

Im no longer doing finance, could possibly be a dumb move even though I got a job offer to do finance at yamaha of texas a few weeks ago, but Im actually happy where Im at.. I work for redken (hair products) currently and Im looking for something else possibly in radiology.

As some of you know, Bob aka Ahnook (my previous boyfriend) passed away 2years ago as of Feb. 28. Of course it was hard but not as much as I had expected it to be. There's someone new in my life after 2years of steering clear from the boyfriend scene and he actually understood and comforted me that day. I was seriously surprised. I still keep in touch with Bob's family matter of fact today is his little sister's 16th birthday. I was going to get on this passed Thursday to tell you guys to put his family in your thoughts but I did my best to keep myself busy.

Aside from that... as my above mentioned and by far worth mentioning the new boyfriend that won me over. After what seemed I filtered through atleast a years worth of lame throw away guys and ones that drool over the fact I know about cars, I was blind sided by this one... might as well drop a name out there, Dan. I met him through a my friend that's roommates with him which I saw randomly one night. This guy also was in what he calls his "dating off season" (from like nov. to feb 15) when we met. Yea the date is what I thought too, I called him out on it, thinking that he was skeezing by all the holidays. He told me he was tired of throwing money into these girls that he had been dating and then them bailing after valentines day so he uses that time for himself to get into shape. Anywho... we talk for a couple weeks and he asked me to be his gf blah, blah, blah.... but story goes on he's badass and we totally dig eachother hardcore, Ive never been treated as good as I have with this guy, you'd think I was a mother effin' princess... I totally even get 'just because' presents which he calls showing his appreciation, like a pair of D&G sunglasses...WTF?! Other than that he's pretty young and successful... 28, he's a network administrator for Compucom/philips and also on the side piercist/tattoo artist, he's greek/italian drives a civic and plays an array of instruments... its almost as if its surreal but we've been together awhile now and things are going well.

Oh yea also, the project 00 civic ex (Bob's old car) not too far from completion... still just need to get the head work complete and get everything back together and a set of wheels and it will be done. Looking to a few months especially with tax return coming. Been delayed due to tickets and related legal matters I've been having to dump money into.

Life's finally good again.

I know that's quite a bit of reading... so Ill throw you some cliff notes:

*Been MIA for a while- just wanted to catch up
*Not doing finance anymore- working for redken & looking for something else
*Thanks to those who were there for me when Bob passed away
*Ive got a new boyfriend after 2years- he's awesome
*The project civic is getting closer to completion finally
*Just wanted to say hi to everyone!
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Welcome back and sorry to hear about your loss. Looks like your doing well and your future is bright. As for your career, ill give you some small advice. Regardless of money, do what you enjoy doing. Making good money and being miserable sucks. Making decent money and being happy all the time is awesome. That is cool to hear about your new bf being Greek/italian, I myself am 1/2 Greek and 1/2 Italian. But I got the shit end of the stick with the last name. My father is greek, so I have a 14 character last name ;l

Just do me one tiny favor...call Dan a "malaka". :D


hola...he works for compucom?

dude, we dropped 60k there last week...at least ya know the boy is getting paid.
Just do me one tiny favor...call Dan a "malaka".
he said "scotta nifice" :shrug2:

Welcome back Jamie... long time no text. congrats on the new bf and job.
thanks James hope that you are doing well too!

hola...he works for compucom?
dude, we dropped 60k there last week...at least ya know the boy is getting paid.
haha whats up you crazy stranger?! What company do you work for?
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Okaye. Let's start with the basics...

Hello = Tikanis (pronounced [tee-con-eez])

Goodnight = Kalanicta (pronounced [kah-lah-knee-kuh-tah])

Where did you go = Pupas (pronounced [poo-pah-s])

Eat = Fye (pronounced [F-eye])

Shit = Corratha (pronounced [core-ah-tha])

saggapou = Love (pronounced [saga-pow])

muuni = Vagina (pronounced [moon-e])

poulaki = Penis (pronouced [poo-lie-key])

Arxidia = Balls (pronounced [are-hee-dee-uh])

pousti = homo (pronounced [poo-stee])