you can have any car in the world

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ok heres the deal
your long lost uncle or some shit shows up saying he will buy you whatever car you want... YES any car in the world that is. this does include modified cars like the lingenfelters and stuff like that. one offs are ok... but concepts that never made it to production dont... it has to be a real car available for public purchase...
BUT!!! before you jump on the nuts of whatever supercar youve been fapping to, there is a slight catch to this:
all he is paying for is the car.
you have to pay the registration
you have to pay the tax
you have to pay for the insurance
you have to pay for all of the maintenance
all he is paying for is the car.

you have to remember, there is much more involved in owning a car than simply buying it....
sales tax and property tax can end up costing you several thousand dollars each year
full ceramic brake systems, like those found on the Enzo or carerra GT, are very expensive and can cost well over $10,000 to replace
oil changes can cost up to a few hundred dollars (some cars require 10 or more qts of synthetic oil + filters and such)
300+/40-/19+ high perfrmance tires will run in the area of $400+ each
insurance (if you could even get it) can end up costing several thousand per year

and you cant sell the car for 3 years.... so no you cant have him buy you some $million+ car then sell it and buy a house, a car, some toys etc...

so keeping in mind total cost of ownership...
what would your realistic dream car be

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right as your insurance company is breaking out the KY...

Honestly, I don't need a retardedly fast or expensive car. Just something that looks good and goes pretty well.

As of right now at this moment, I would probably get an '06 Civic Si with all the available options/honda factory performance goodies. Either that or an RSX Type-S A Spec.

EDIT: Actually, I would probably get a TSX or look into a TL. The TL is teh sex0rz.


i saw an old school mini this morning... in MINT SHOWROOM condition...

i think i could go for one of those...
with a B20vtec-T of course...


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1) I pay nothing for insurance
2) I'm a Ferrari / Porsche / Jag / Lamborghini / Benz mechanic
3) I would have a second car, right?

That all said: Axiam-Mega Track

Brief run-down: Part time 4WD with low range, V12, 6 speed rear engine 4 seater. Yes, it goes offroad:

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any car but id pay the rest hhmmm...... if i were an established person with a house. salery and i knew i could do the up keep id want the sc delorian. heard it was alot faster than the na one.

but me right now this day id say i want a new hatch. i just got hit yesterday in the rear pass quarter but mostlikely on any ohter day id want the new rl awd 4dr badness in the concept paint drk silver with flakes all the extras

why e you feel like being my uncle for a day?


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shit, lol. i didnt see the part about not being able to sell it for 3 years

ok. most expensive car you can find, store that shit for 3 years, then sell it :)


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My first thought upon reading E's post was 2006 Corvette Z06. 7.0 LS7, 505 hp. sub 4 second 0-60s out of the box. But then I read about my paying to OWN the car.

So... if that's one of the stipulations, I'd be happy if he just paid off my Civic.

That way I can use that extra 250 a month + the money I'm not paying out from break on insurance I'd get, for a few mods here and there.

Slowly pickin away at this bastard. :)
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