you might be a minitrucker if...

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you might be a minitrucker if...

- your IQ is as low as your truck
- you get pissed off when someone calls your truck a f**king "lowrider"
- your rim size is bigger than ur g/fs age
- people have a confused look on their face when they reach for the door handle and its not there
- you spend money on a part for your truck to get it lower rather than get it running
- you are more embarassed that your daily drive is stock height rather than every body panel is a diff. color
- you only shave the passanger door handle because you cant afford a popper kit
- you dump your truck to get the attention of the girl walking across the road
- a girl asks you if you wanna have a good time, u say "yeah hop in my truck"
- you say you cant get into work because you are stuck on the speed bump outside
- your A/C compressor goes bad and you see it as an opportunity to bodydrop
- your fully aired up and you still drag over speed bumps
- you roll with a custom primer job if no matter how ghetto and shitty your truck roll it like its a f**king Rolls Royce
- your air freshners in your house smell like burning metal
- your wallpaper on your computer is a cover truck or your own truck
- you turn your truck on with windows up and close you door forgetting you shaved the handles
- you hope and pray someone hits your rear end so u can replace your bumper with that tail gate skin you have been wanting
- when asked what your favorite movies are you answer, all the minitruck dvd's and home videos I own!
- you watch monster garage more then porn
- you bodydropped your local neighborhood grocery stores shopping cart
- you check to see if you have new tags everyday on SSM (Street Source Magazine)
- you have a "Too Low" ticket from highway patrol
- Drag, Airbag, and Bodydrop are the most commonly used words in your vocabulary
- you shower sparks on tailgaters on the freeway
- you see a new Bagged truck in your area you HAVE to stop and go meet them
- zip ties are your best friends
- at thanksgiving, there is no family members only car club members
- your new girlfriend considers your truck a threat to the relationship
- you read every single one of these and realize that minitrucking is the tightest sport ever...and its for life
- you hear a large semi next to you blowing off air brakes you have to flex on them
- every time you sit on the can you grab your new issue of Street Trucks, Mini Truckin, or Tailgate, and sit there for more than 20 min
- you assigned a name to every reflector in your colllection.
- you have more phone numbers of minitruckers than chicks
- you lower your bed, couch and all your chairs in your house
- you have ever had to answer the question "how do you drive it like that?"
- you have furniture made out of old wheels and parts
- your fridge is stacked full of mountain dew, because all the true minitruckers drink the hell outta some damn mountain dew
- you remember people by the cars they drive and don't know their names
- everything you own you try to "drop, slam, or drag" whether it be a chair, a toy truck, the couch, the dining table or your kids power wheels
- your X-mas postcards are all done up like a truck feature
- you have a stack of Mini Truckin mags by the toilet
- on your wall you have all the Mini Truckin features and no posters of porn stars
- your winamp playlist plays "War- Lowrider" 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
- you spend over $200 per year just on magazines
- you named your child after your valve brand
- you have all the vendors phone numbers programmed in your cell phone
- for X-mas instead of lights you wrap your tree in airline
- you have your Dub City collection color coded and in decending order of rim size
- you remember when 15" wheels were the shiiit!
- everytime the UPS truck comes by you are up quicker then the dog.
- your house is painted in primer because you like it with no shine
- you'd rather buy something for the truck than pay your power bill
- you have revolving credit at all the parts manufacturers
- you refuse to ride in or talk to anybody not driving something that drags
- you look at rice in the store and want to throw it across the aisle
- your buddy got hit by a car so you hammered his wheelchair...yeah that was fun
- you shaved the windows in your house, because you thought your house would gain equity with a body mod
- you spend a 1000 dollars to have your seats re-covered only for them to wear pep boys fuzzy seat covers for the rest of their life
- you've got you club name tattoo'd on your arm
- you have to pimp out your girlfriend to support the hobby
- you've ever had 7 people on boogie boards tied to the back of your truck at 30 mph
- you spend more time on SSM than you do working at work
- your AIM buddylist consists of girls and then everyone else with a bagged truck
- your damn art professor lowered your grade becasue you draw flames in every project, even if they have nothing to do with the subject
- you have burned up a compressor or 2
- you have draffed off a rollpan or 2
- you can't wait to buy the New Rail It Productions "Drag Mag" DVD!!!
- you have a song set aside just for dragging
- you've ever worked at Sears and hidden the last tool so some redneck doesnt snatch it before you get off
- is the fastest thing you can type because you've done it over a million times
- you make over thirty thousand a year and still live with your parents cause you spend everything on your truck
- your entire wardrobe consists of every Drop 'Em Wear shirt made
- the cashier at the local 7-11 tells you when the new issue of mini truckin will be in
- when ever you sit in an office chiar you make it drop, so you get the feeling of being in your truck
- you go into the bathroom and use the little kids toilet cuz its lowered
- you have a Drop Em Wear shirt for every day of the month
- you got your daughter saying she wants a mini when she turns 16 instead of the usual civic or jetta, like the high school girls always want.
- you are chilling at a Sonics cruise and your own son goes "Zing Zing" when a riced out civic drives by
- for your xmas gifts you pass down parts from your truck to the younger kids.
- you claim your truck as a dependent on your taxes
- you are out of high school but still roll through everyonce in a while when school lets out to flex for the b***hes!
- you shaved your work van
- everytime a Nextel beeps you grab your phone
- you wash your truck 4 times a week, and haven't washed the daily since you bought it
- SSM is your opening homepage on your browser
- the last time you can remember crying was when you bought your truck, just thinking of all the mods that can be done
- the UPS man comes to your house in the morning to have a cup of coffee since he's there everyday anyways
- you try to hook up with a chick because shes got a slammed serria
- no one asked you questions about trucks, because it will take you an hour to answer it
- refrain from eating rice you are now on a strictly protein diet.
- your truck was supposed to lay on 20's, doesn't, so now you bolt on little wheels with bobo tires to merely drag one side of your frame
- you spend more time partying after the show than going to the shows
- you stand in the middle of a 6 lane road to get draggin footage
- you may not know everyones name, but you sure as heck know what they drive
- you get all giddy when you see a slammed, bagged, shaved mini or fullsize rollin down the street, but you cant drag with em, cuz your truck is up on jackstands, and you are ridin shotgun in your buddies civic
- you start to freak out when you hear airbrakes from semi trucks goin off
- doddle suspensions and trucks on your homework and notes in class
- you've thought about stealing one of those big airbags off a semi truck
- you get wicked pissed off when people call your truck a "lowrider", and then the person says, "whats the difference?", and you go on into a 3 page essay of the differences between minis and lowriders
- instead of buying legos for your son, you let him play with air fittings
- your idea of a hot date is a truck fully layin body on 22's
- instead of having a spare tire in your truck and a little stock jack, you drive around w/ 2 bags, some airline, fittings, and some wrenches w/ a big ass floor jack chillin in the back of the cab
- everytime you air down at a gas station, 20 people look at you
- you'd rather use the welder to warm up the garage on a cold day, than a heater
- you drive by the police station everyday to see if they notice your new boyhoods
- you have a personalized plate on your Lawnmower
- people on your buddy list, who are not mini truckers, ask what the hell "idragmazda" is supposed to mean
- you get goosebumps everytime you hear the word "drag"
- you go to a hot rod show and your truck gets more looks then the hot rods
- your favorites on your computer consist of mostly minitrucking websites, and everytime you go to someone else's computer you check and see if they have found a new page you haven't seen before
- you stop to help hot girls fill up flat tires with your air system
- everytime you see something new you can picture it slammed in your head
- you've done a keg stand or 2 or 3 or 4
- you cruise the toy aisles at walmart looking for dub city models and slammed hot wheels
- you get yelled at by your woman because you choose to spend more time with your truck
- the last time you shaved it was an antenna or door handle
- you get stuck on a speed bump cuz you enjoy people laughing at you cuz your stuck
- then you air up and get unstuck
- your fingers are sore from hittin switches
- people ask you if your truck is broken
- when people see primer spots they ask if you got in a crash
- when people mistake your truck for a car because it is so low
- when you sit on SSM and try to think "you might be a minitrucker if.."
- that would be a sweet shirt but i already got one like that from drop em wear. top 10 signs you know your a mini trucker.
- yeah but those top 10 signs are oldschool.
- you get christmas cards from your bail bondsman, and you have the contact info on a custom key chain
- freshly paved roads turn you on
- routine maintance on your truck involves emptying your water trap
- your furniture consists of more custom parts than your truck
- you've ever drug on a road paving crew as they were paving your home street
- you've ever gotten out of a ticket by hitting your switches (while you were pulled over for being too low
- your up at 5:30 in the morning after bailing your best friend outa jail thinking of personal experiences that make you a minitrucker
- you have drop em wear shirts that are cleaner than your dress shirts
- you've turned around more than once to pull up a stubborn reflector
- you have ever gone the oppisite way of your house because you ran outa air and couldnt make any turns
- your nickname is a recorded alias with the local fuzz
- you have a spare drivers side window incase you lock your keys in your truck
- you have ever been hit in the face with flour
- you have to stop, back up and go around a yoohoo bottle in a parking lot because you don't have adjustable suspension and your shit sits too low to go over it.
- you scheduled my wedding around show dates too and my girl really didnt have too big of a problem with it
- your seen in your club shirt more than once a week.
- your constanly broke but you don't care cause you have a mini in the drive way
- your parents thing your bags are those "hydraulic jumpy things"
- you think the mini truckers you talk to on here are cooler than most of your real friends
- you see someone at a show and you know their handle on SSM because your on here way to much hahaha
- you consider a primered truck as a form of porn
- you keep looking out the window just to make sure your truck isn't a dream
- you love to pull up next to a bus or a semi just to hear their air brakes
- all your dreams consist of draggin or workin on trucks
fuck yea i'm a minitrucker ssm is the shit tho well was now its going down hill... but yea most of that shits pretty true sad to say
Originally posted by TrailorParkPimp@Jan 11 2004, 06:01 PM
- people have a confused look on their face when they reach for the door handle and its not there

Last time I took my car to a shop the guy looked at my door for about three minutes wondering where the keyhole is before he noticed the fob on my keychain :bo: :bo: :bo:

I watched him the whole time trying not to fall out laughing.
hehehehehe.... good stuff... I'm here with a buddy of mine who is a mini trucker, and he happens to be drinking mountain dew as we read this... lol

And I liked what trucks USED to be... It used to be more of the "I'm broke, but every penny i make goes into my truck" crowd... Now its the "Lets see how much money I can throw at this truck" crowd... :(
Originally posted by ScrapinSi@Jan 12 2004, 12:06 AM
hehehehehe.... good stuff... I'm here with a buddy of mine who is a mini trucker, and he happens to be drinking mountain dew as we read this... lol

And I liked what trucks USED to be... It used to be more of the "I'm broke, but every penny i make goes into my truck" crowd... Now its the "Lets see how much money I can throw at this truck" crowd... :(

It is still like that. There is a bigger group of ppl who save for ever to do 1 thing to their truck, you just arent ever seeing them b/c big companies make show vehicles that get published. Or ppl in clubs like NC, Acrophobia, Pebble Pushers, Severed Ties and shit, they are such elite clubs, anything they want, they get, for free. Acrophobia has a HUGE, like 15 bay warehouse in Florida for their trucks, who pays for it? Their sponsors. Those are the trucks that get published VERY often, but there are still more mini truckers who save and save for things. Hell, i'm about to start the install of a 5 link setup on a friends S10. He has a great job, plenty of cash, but still has to save up like the poor boy way. He's had the front only bagged for a yr. just now getting 2300 to do the rear like he wants. Next winter, tubs and dubs on it. Its gonna take a yr to save for that. There are a lot of minitruckers who have to save yr round for 1 big thing in the winter. :)

I personally am getting pissed about the 50K paint jobs and shit being the top dog, making ppl like me and TPP and other mini truckers feel we cant compete.

a LOT of those apply to me.. i just dont wanna go through and pick em out.
so what is the difference between mini trucks and lowriders? i mean besides the difference between one being a car and one being a truck in some cases, they are both low and scrape on the ground..... :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:
Originally posted by GSRCRXsi@Jan 12 2004, 09:43 AM
so what is the difference between mini trucks and lowriders? i mean besides the difference between one being a car and one being a truck in some cases, they are both low and scrape on the ground..... :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:

That is easy.

Go pick up a mini-truckin and a lowrider magazine and you'll instantly know.

Lowriders = most of the time use hydros that dont even have accumulators and you can tell they were ghetto rigged just to work, not ride great. What is cool in lowrider mag, was cool in minitruckin 13 yrs ago. Chain steering wheels, velour ineriors, little glass cut mirrors, 13" wire wheels, gold/chrome fender trim, huge murals painted all over the car.

Mini-trucks = generally 20's stuffed under an s10, air bagged suspension (sometimes 5g's of work in the rear suspension alone), usually we have door handles and shit, lowriders usually gold plate them.

They look VERY different



Notice, body dropped (meaning body lays on the ground, not the frame. Lowriders dont even lay on th ground.



The funniest thing is.... hearing a lowrider (usually the black kids in school or mexicans) say, "that's too low"...


Originally posted by Calesta+Jan 12 2004, 04:23 PM-->
Originally posted by Domeskilla@Jan 12 2004, 04:11 PM
@Jan 12 2004, 03:53 PM

Have a mini truck, but not quite a "minitrucker"...

Come to indy Mike.. you wont leave wihtout throwing sparks :p


Gimme some money first... then I can finish up the Civic, then start on the truck... and still have money left to put away for a house and buy a new car, get married etc...


hmmm, 4 for the civ to run, 2 or so to lay the truck flat out on the frame, 20 for a house, 10 for a new car. 800 for a wedding.. i could swing that.

You'll be living in the ghetto of san antonio for 20g's and driving a brand new neon for 10g's and getting married in vegas at one of those little house of marriage places.. 800 for the plane tickets out there :p



That's looking pretty cheap man. :lmao:

I'm guessing 2 for the Civic to run, 2 to lay frame, 120 for a house, and 8 for a ring... maybe have the parents help out with the wedding. Oh yeah- another 7 to finish the Civic (head and paint), then another 35 for the new car, another 20 on top of that for a turbo build... yup.

:lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

Your plan = 37k, my plan = 164k.


:lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: