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Hiya people, I've got a hypothetical situation for you... :)

Say you had a 4th gen Civic and:

1. You wanted the best possible straight line and standing start performance
2. You wanted to keep the car street legal
3. H series motors were out of the question
4. You had, for all intents and purposes, unlimited cash to spend on it

What would you, personally, do to the car?

(Edited for typos and a forgotton qualifier)
d15 bottom end: 50 dollars
d16z head: 100 dollars
ecu, vtec controller: 200 dollars (used hopefully)
transmission: 100 dollars (at most, who cares if it crunches)
zex nitrous kit: 600 dollars

with this setup, a buddy of mine went 12.54 at 109 or so.

the best part about this setup, when you send a rod through a cylinder wall you just pick up another d-series block for 50 dollars and do it again.

gotta love the d-series motors! and his is street legal.