Z6 Or Y8 Head On Mini Me Swap

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i have a 92 cx hb with a d15b7 and plan on doing a mini-me head swap.
I am wondering if there are any advantages or disadvantage in using one head or the other.
I read somewhere about having to modify the distributor, which head is this?
any help is appreciated...
thanks in advance
just use a Z6 head .... its OBD-1... less problems with wiring shit
i have the y8 head, to do the mini-me on my d15b7. u have to modify the distributor with the z6 head, and the y8 gives a lil more power. i.e. higher compression, also it probably is in better condition as it is newer....my 2 cents
if i were you i would use the z6 head with the y8 manifold i just replaced my z6 manifold for the y8 and i noticed a huge differnence right when vtec hits, the y8 might have more hp but in the long run the z6 outflows the y8
Z6 head may be alittle easier considering it is already obd1, and there may be less problems. However, a y8 head i beleive will have larger intake rails on the manifold and a little better valve train. I have a z6 right now and it sucks. It is in my opinion the shittiest motor ever produced by honda. My hf ran better than this piece. if you are going to do any swapping, go b-series.
So, i would have to modify the distributor if I use the Z6 head??
I thought that it would be the other way around, that is... I would have to modify the Y8 head since it is a 6g the Z6 head is a 5G.

OOPS.....I have a D15B8!!!!
I thnik the only difference is the B8 has 8 valves
and the B7 has 16 valves.
Correct me if I am wrong...