Zc Auto/stick

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automatic ZCs and stick are all the same right?
cuz the zc I got is was from a automatic but I put in my si stick tranny to it I have't tried it yet but I hope it does.
also which oil filter do I use for jdm sohc Zc?


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I'm be willing to bet that the PM7 ECU from an auto ZC is de-tuned slightly vs. the 5spd version, but that doesn't matter if you're using your Si ECU. Also, I don't know about the cams, the auto might have less lift and longer duration for more low-end torque, like they did on the B16A. Aside from that, the engine should run just the same as the 5spd one would. The filter you need is the same as every other honda produced since the late eighties. I know the FRAM # is 3593A, but fram is shitty. Use an OEM filter.


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1st gen auto b16 cams are soo fing hot...they work better for boost then the crane/crower cams designed for boost...