ZC axles

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putting a zc in 91 crx dx.
-can I use the DX or Si axles?
-is the flywheel the same? I was going to use the zc tranny, but also have the dx tranny that is in the car right now. anybody have a preference?
-And are the mounts the same?


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with the ZC transmission, you need the ZC intermediate shaft and 90-93 Integra axles - ZC transmission has same mounts as any of the other 88-91 L3 transmissions - which flywheel you use has nothing to do with the transmission


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The ZC transmission's gears are more evenly spaced than the DX/Si/sedan's. The USDM transmissions all have the same 1-5 ratios but different final drives.

ZC transmission with the correct intermediate shaft do NOT use 86-89 Integra axles... forget which ones are the correct ones, but the 1G Integra is definitely not it. The 90-93 might be the right setup.


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I'm new to this site but not to ZC issues. I've just recently completed the install of a ZC tranny into a 90 CRX HF. Lots of work but very worth it. The hardest part was finding the intermediate shaft. Those things seem to be quite rare.

There is a great site for ZC specific information if you have not been there before. www.thezcr.com

The answer the question, I used the left and right side half shafts for a 91-93 Integra. I told the guy at the parts shop the GSR but I imagine it's the same axles for all the Integras. Not sure though. I figured if they were different, the GSR woudl be the most heavy duty. They fit and work like a charm.

Good luck.


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Hey, thanks a lot, Due to lack of money I am sticking with the dx tranny. I'll switch it later. I gotta good deal on a clutch and flywheel for the dx. I'm hoping it goes smooth.