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hey i just bought a 91 crx si and it has a zc motor in it... im new to the zc beings i have done a lot with only the b18, and h22, and i have heard some good things about the zc motor so i bought this car i am havin a hard time finding parts that will fit. so if some one could help me out that would be great. thanks.
is it a DOHC ZC? most all of the parts (except for timing belt) are from either the 88-91 CRX/Civic Si D16A6 or the 88-89 Integra D16A1 - essentially, everything from the top of the block down is D16A6 and everything from the top of the block up is D16A1 - the timing belt is the same as 88 Prelude 2.0 Si - the throttle body is the same as both the 88-91 D16A6 and 88-89 D16A1 - any specific parts you need to know about?
yes its a dohc zc, im acutally lookin for a crankshaft pully for the motor.
same as CRX/Civic Si D16A6 - you have to be careful to get the correct one - there were 2 different crankshafts in the D16A6 and DOHC ZC engines - 1 had a 22mm diameter front snout where the pulley goes on - most 88s had the 22mm - 1 had a 24mm diameter front snout and came on the 89-91 engines - check the diameter of yours to make sure you get the right one
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