ZC/DX conversion help

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I"m so close I can taste it...but, I think I have a wiring issue..

§ Swap Info: Converting from a 1988 honda dx, dpfi to a dohc zc mpfi year 1991 (has a black top valve cover)

So, I got everything installed, dropped the motor, did my dpfi to mpfi wiring conversion, and I put the key in the ignition, turn it to the on position, and something that is definitly not good happened.

I heard a rapid, repeating, clicking sound. My engine lights, including my O2 sensor all stayed on, and my ecu had a steady, constant rapid, blinking that matched the clicking sound.

Any Ideas?
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My buds infiniti, was making clicking sounds today, and all electronics worked. His neg. battery cable was loose. Simple, but it caused it. Try that.
Exactly how many times does the ECU light blink? It should be similar to morse code.
its not any specific blinking, it just rapidly and in a constant pace blinks. it doesn't have pauses in between it or anything, but the blinking of the ecu light matches the clicking sound, their both going at the same pace.

Someone told me it might be the wiring from the dpfi to mpfi
Well, when I unplug the driver side harness connection it doesn't make the clicking sound anymore, so I would assume it has to do with the wiring.

I'm checking everything out again
Well, the clicking is probably your main relay then. It's a relay of some sort, and the main relay is the only one I'm sure is on the driver's side. It could be the dpfi -> mpfi wiring, absoutely. Try to figure out exactly where the clicking noise is coming from without overheating whatever relay it is (don't run it for too too long without stopping).
Ok, so I got the clicking sound solved, and everything is gravy with that.

I noticed when I was taking the harness off to check the wiring, that I had stupidly forgot to plug the ground up to the thermostat housing for the ecu.

But, this is my next issue. The ecu is only throwing out one code..(i think i did good for my first MAJOR engine swap). Anyways, the code that is being thrown out is for the CPS.

Now, I know the car should start without the cps, but its not. So, I checked the spark and there is none. Which leads me to believe, the culprit is the distributor.

Now, the reason I do not have the CPS on my engine yet is because, when I went to put the CPS on there was a large black rubber grommit that covered up the hole at the end of the camshaft, after removing the rubber grommit there is a metal circular plate that is inside the end of the exhaust cam shaft.. This plate seems like it cannot be removed, and so I believe that I need a distributor that has a CPS built in that will fit the DOHC ZC.

But I need a OBD0 Distrubtor for the ZC,

Any suggestions?

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