ZC into 88 crx help !

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Junior Member
well as it says i need help. i just swaped a DOHC ZC fom an 89 integra into my 88 crx HF i need wiring help i dont know what i need to change over. im using the stock 89 integra ECU but i dont have any spark or injector pulse can anyone help me out with this ? what pins do i need to move around and where do i move them ?


Senior Member
its a DOHC out of an 89 integra and im using the integra engine harness i dont have the hx harness
it will not run with the Integra engine harness - you need to use the HF harness - all of the wires in the Integra engine harness connectors that plug into the chassis harness at both the driver's side and passenger side are in different locations from the wires in the HF chassis harness