Zc Into Rex.... What To Do?

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if i buy a zc long block only from hmotorsonline.com, what else do i need... my car is a 90 crx si. can i use those (my crx) axles, ecu, wiring harness, TRANNY, shift linkage, motor mounts... or do i need to go find all this shit somewhere else? also, which model zc do i buy, i know theres like 3 different kind off this site.... :puke: this stuff gets more and more complicated.... gotta love it

thanx to ne one with help :worthy:

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use your si tranny, and since you're using the same tranny, you can use your same axles. ecu will be fine but you might want to upgrade to a 90-91 integra ecu. you wont have any wiring issues since you have an Si. same shift linkage. make sure you keep your stock motor mounts you'll need to use those. other than that, the ZC into an Si is very very simple. good luck man. any other Q's let us know.
are zc parts hard to find... i mean, if i neen stuff like spark plug wires and shit, am i gonna have a hard time to find them cheap?
Hmotorsonline is by far the best place to buy a JDM motor. Spark plugs and all will be the same as 88-91 CRX and 88-89 Integra. Only difference is that the timing belt is 89 Prelude.


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i agree with turbinedzc hmotors is a great place to get your engine. a zc is a good engine but i would with a b16a thats what i have that pic below is off this site and i had to put it up but whats your budget if i was you id just save some extra money and drop the b16a like in japan si-R.
i was gonna go with the b16, but i dont wanna jump the gun, start off with something easy and cheap llike a zc. my budgets like 1k, so i'll have a lil extra cash to start on my i/h/e. i just dont wanna be throwing away 600 on a somethin thats gonna blow up in 3 months.
well then is it a bad investment... i cant afford a b16 yet, but i dont want the (zc) motor to blow after having a lil fun with it, i cant afford that happening either. also, where am i able to find aftermarket parts? like simple shit like a aem cold air, or headers and exhaust? would another engines aftermarket parts be the same/interchangeable? cuz i never see nothing for a the zc engine.... I'm trying to upgrade slightly from a d16 to the zc, but the more i look into it, its almost like downgrading because of aftermarket support and reliability.... :unsure:


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just save your money and get a b16, there is WAY more aftermarket support for the b16 as opposed to the ZC, the ZC isnt a bad motor by any means, but just doenst have any aftermarket support. good things come to those who wait. shit. for myself, i'm building an lsvtec platform and it's almost taking me 9 months (just spending my money on other shit like going out for drinks.. etc..)

anyway, about aftermarket parts. i believe on of the sponsors of this site is ALLJDM.com, although i've never bought anything from there, perhaps in the near future... :D get the b16, you'll be happier in the long run. good luck.