Zc Motor

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how can i tell by just looking at the motor if its garbage or if it will work cause im gonna be picking one up today for 100$ and i wanna know if its gonna run the guy says hes not sure if it runs or not but if he tries to rip me off then i can easily go back to him it comes with headers and a red valve cover so how can i tell? will there be wear in certain places? if it is garbage then would it be worth my time to part the motor out and sell it??? just lemme know ...thnx
Is the motor in a car or is it just sitting there? If it is in the car then you could try to turn the car over, and take a spark plug out then put your finger in the hole, and if it blows your finger off of the hole it has compression. Then when you turn it over take a spark plug wire off and put it next to a piece of metal, if it sparks then it will run. If it isnt in the car.... you could spin the crank and take a spark plug out and if you see the piston moving... i guess that would work lol. Dont knwo how you would check out the spark.


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mmmk.... well.

a.) it runs.
b.) it passes compression test.
c.) the car throws no check engine lights.

These are hard when the engine is out/not in your posession. This is why it is important to buy engines from trusted sources.