ZC or D16Z6 for 89 CRX SI?

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Junior Member
I have a ZC already in my car and the hp is rated at 130. I can get my hands on a D16z6 SOHC vtec engine with tranny and all, but i'm not positive its worth taking out my ZC. The D16z6 is rated at 125hp but its vtec.

Also, is there a way to keep you obd0 stuff instead of converting the harness to obd1?


Mad scientist
If you already have the ZC and it's running fine, keep it. If you want to swap to the D16Z6, you can still stay OBD0- just run to something other than the ECU to control the VTEC, like a VAFC. That's personally what I would do- I wouldn't convert the harness over just to run the stock P28 ECU.


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:withstupid: The ZC generally has more low end and peak torque than a d16z6. Mine dynoed at 104 ft lbs with just an intake. I would definitely stick with the ZC.


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Is a good idea if he would just use the Vtec head and a conversion harness (obd 0 to obd 1) and run a chipped P28 keep the ZC block.. Is that considered a good mod or is it a waste a $$$$ Maybe it's better for him to do that instead swaping the engine.