ZC Pistons a no-go?

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I was thinking about ZC pistons in my D16Z6 head swap, but I head they break down at around 180 hp--any other suggestions? I wanted to get them for higher comprerssion ratio.
are they even compatible? wouldn't you have to get custom rods and stuff for that? I would advise against it just for the PITA factor..I mean you wouldn't be raising your compression any more than .5 or so..if you are gonna build for high horsepower then do it right the FIRST TIME. Don't buy stock internals designed for stock HP numbers..SRP makes 3 sets of 10.5:1 pistons (depending if you want to bore it over or not) for the D16Z6.
--You said head swap..what block are you swapping onto?
it's a D15B7/D16Z6 head swap, what are some web sites for some good pistons?
SRP's are garbage in my opinion........go with the new Wiseco IB pistons or the Endyn/Wiseco pistons.

go to honda-tech.com and pm b18bturbo (Viren). He can get you a set of these pistons really cheap. Tell him I sent you.

I have SRPs and I hate to be disagreeable but they were a lot of money for a piston that is just OK. The fit is not as tight as stock. If I had a do over I'd buy others.