Zc Sohc Vs Zc Dohc

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Ok I have the stock motor that come out my CRX 91 SI. Ok I want to know, to make sure. I can put a ZC head on the si block right???? Ok and I don't know if I want to go with the SOHC or the DOHC. Right now I have a DOHC in my CRX. But I think I want to try the SOHC out. Cuz I got a pal that has one in a 91 HB and he likes it. So tell me what you think??? Thx
go with a DOHC ZC motor and then put a junkyard turbo setup on it thats pretty easy to do and very cheap im getting a ZC motor today or tomorrow for only about 100 bucks! well lemme know how things work out for ya.... later
You can't swap between SOHC and DOHC heads. If you already have a DOHC D block in there, you're not running the stock engine. If you want to try out a SOHC engine, you'll have to pull the whole engine, not just the head. SOHC ZC engines are pretty hard to come by, so you might just want to switch to a SOHC VTEC if you want to go SOHC D series. In any case, the DOHC ZC is the most powerful D series block (stock), so going to a SOHC powerplant will make your power levels drop a bit.

so you can switch the heads on a zc block to make it dohc or sohc?