zc sohc vtec motor mount help

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New Member
hey i just order a d16z6 and i recived a zc sohc vtec and was told there the same so i was like ok sounds good so i droped the motor in last night and the drivers side motor mount wount mount up so i was wondering how i got about mounting it

Pretty sure you just pull the timing cover off, unbolt that mount that's already on it and re-use your old one. I didn't have the proper mount for mine either so I used the one off of my D15.
thanks i didnt know it was that easy to bad i got rid of my old motor and every thing guess that means time to hit the junk yard
haha, yup. I almost did the same thing. best of luck man.
hey wat all did you have to do to run that motor in your ef i have the same motor with a cable trans im gettin ready to put in next week