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OK, so I've been dealing with this issue for about two days now. This car is my only transportation and so I really need to get it done quick. It's been a week since the motor blew in my 1988 Honda Civic DX, and I'm still doing the DOHC ZC swap. I'm doing it by myself, with no cherry picker, and very minimal tools. I really need your help on this question as I am dumbfounded.

When I got the ZC motor, I noticed that the mount thats on the transmission of the ZC goes from side to side, while the mount on my DX goes up and down. Now, I know all the websites and everything says the ZC motor should bolt right into my DX but it wouldn't because of the ZC transmission mount. So I did some research, and verified through several sources including zcspeed.com, thezcr, and honda swap, and honda tech, that the DX transmission would work and bolt right onto the zc engine.

So I took off the ZC tranny and took off the DX Tranny, and alas the DX tranny will not slid into the ZC. I looked at the transmission that was on the DX and it is an L3...what am I doing wrong. PLEASE HELP
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ok from what i understand is ur 88 tranny will not bolt up there for u need to take the clutch assembly off ur d series motor and put it on the zc and it should work. the 88 tranny's splines have 21 i think and 89 and up has 20 splines so do that and it should bolt in.
the 88 transmissions have different splines on the input shaft that goes into the clutch disc than the 89-91 transmissions - 88 has 21 splines - 89-91 have 20 splines - evidently, the clutch on your ZC is not an 88 - you could swap the flywheel and clutch from your DX onto the ZC and everything would fit - is the ZC transmission also L3? - what year is the ZC? - is it SOHC or DOHC?
went back and looked at your other post - the engine is OBD1 DOHC ZC - if it came with the transmission, the transmission has a hydraulic clutch and different mounts and won't bolt into your car
take the flywheel and clutch from the 88 DX and put it on the ZC - you will also need to take the mount off the driver's side of the DX engine (the mount bolts to the block and comes out thru the timing cover) and put it on the ZC engine to replace the mount that is on it - everything should then go together
So if I use the DX clutch, flywheel, and transmission, then i can use the DX transmission mount for the ZC motor, then after I switch everything for the driver side mount it should bolt right up.

Is there any other year/model mounts that I can use instead of changing everything out.
there should be 6 bolts holding the pressure plate on take those off and i think there are 10 millimeter and the pressure plate and clutch should come off and the flywheel i have no clue i think it has like 9 bolts holding it on.