Zc Takin Gt?

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I got an 89 CRX HF, and in my garage i have a zc motor with an si trans attached to it, im waitin to put it in but my buddy in his 95 Mustang GT auto thinks he could smoke me ... who do you think would win?? and can anyone tell me around what times would i run, i know u cant tell me exact but some people tell me 16.5 and some 14.3 i am hoping around 15 flat but i doubt that, well thanks for your replys
Tj :rolleyes:


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race him as it is now then swap the motor and do it again. That way you'll see the result of your new engine. You might even beat him as it is now. Manual beats the hell out of auto any day of the week. You'd be suprised of how well you do against him. I have a '91 DX hatch with just intake and exhaust and I stomped a Probe GT (I know big deal, right?) But if he had the 5 speed he probably would've won. Fords aren't nearly as fast as their owners think :sleep:


zc would win. untill about 110mph, then the mustang will pull.

basic bolt ons, you would win.

how do i know?

been there done that, cept the cuy had a 96gt stick.....