Zex nitrous install help??


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hi wonder if someone can help im installing the zex nos, can someone tell me where to attach the tube from the zex manage unit to the fuel regulator it says the vaccum port which one is that?? is that the one from the regulator to the intake manifold, also where does tube from the manage unit attach to the inake manifold??

(i have a fair idea but just wanna be sure i dont wanna use trial and error because last time i did that it cost me heavy ;)
sorry bit of a noob question be gratefull if u can help thanks)


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i am saving for boost im gathering my turbo stuff together at the moment i got my act clutch and fidanza flywheel in and hopefully in a couple of months ill be ready for boost,
but at the moment i got a couple of months to spare bfore boost and a bottle of nos at home so i wanna get that in and hopefully have some fun with that....


are you talking about the fuel line??
if so the fuel feedline gos to the ZEX box then the tube coming from that gos to were the feed line was going to on the regulator.

as for going turbo. why would it matter. N20 works the same way as a turbo. Hvae to much of boost and you motors going to blow. What ever he dose, its up to him. If you know what your doing you wont blow anything. If you got some balls youll ran both!!! :D


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this is funny somone is saying your gonna blow up with nos the other is saying your gonna blow up with boost, well its a risk u gotta take, u cant just settle with a cold air intake and a muffler and hope to be doing 12's :D .

anyway back to my original question? on the zex mange box 1 line is marked regulator now does that line go to the top of the regulator where there is currently a line going to intake manifold?????


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I'm not saying you shouldn't do boost or n2o, I'm just saying build your motor FIRST. N20 isn't something you just use "in the mean time", there's too much installation garbage you have to endure, just so you blow up your motor before you have even used up your first bottle. Anyway, that's my opinion. I actually I like N20, but I am throwing almost 5g's into my b16a before the bottle even comes into my mind. Good luck though.