Zex Nitrous Kit

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Okay all the guys in my area think that Zex is the shit along with Venom, but Venom is more expensive. I was thinking about getting a kit from Zex myself. How safe do you think it is to run a 55 shot on a Honda Accord with stock internals. I have been told by others that it won't hurt it at all but I am not to sure how much I believe that. What do you think?


If Only I had 465 bucks left over after this damn swap...Will you have them at that price for a while?
I ran about ten bottles on NOS Through my 95 Accord Ex
I RAN 75 Shot all night long
90000+ miles on engine still no problem but changed to a Nitrous express kit

just make sure you are getting the fuel
Venom is overpriced junk...i know from experience. And Zex is o.k. But if you crack open their "brain" its like 3 wires. I would just use NX. I just bought a direct port kit for 400 and I can't wiat for it to get here!