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  • Briansol
    Briansol replied to the thread Upgraded the software.
    i'm messing with the images at the moment... ignore the dead avatars and such
  • cheese9988
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    Awhile back I did purchase a Tanabe Full Catback Exhaust. I installed this exhaust when it was automatic, my old exhaust was all bent...
  • awptickes
    awptickes replied to the thread Bought a CR-V.
    American Honda says 1000lbs. UK Honda says 1300lbs unbraked and 2600lbs braked. My trailer is rated at 1500lbs (weighs 265lbs) and...
  • |Chaz|
    |Chaz| replied to the thread Bought a CR-V.
    Whats the towing capacity?
  • |Chaz|
    |Chaz| reacted to awptickes's post in the thread Bought a CR-V with Like Like.
    And now I can tow a little better!
  • TurboMirage
    TurboMirage replied to the thread 2014 Veloster Turbo.
    Trying to figure out why the remote start won’t work after I pushed a bunch of buttons on accident lol. Found I don’t have a remote...
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