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1st gen 81 accord hatch

Discussion in 'Accord' started by lkrfn5283, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. lkrfn5283

    lkrfn5283 New Member

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    May 29, 2007
    Going to pick it up today. It's in great condition and is going to be a dd for a while. I have a b18 sitting in my teg (which is no longer driveable, motor still good though) and I was planning on dropping this in eventually. I live in cali and i'm planning on making it cali legal. I called the los angeles county smog referee and he basically said I need all the main engine components to make it cali legal (wiring harness, air filter.....etc etc). I know i'm going to have to mod the engine bay, make new engine mounts, shorten the axles from the da (i'm using the da as a doner carfor a lot of my parts...brakes, suspension, rotors and all) and mod tons more to get this thing running and looking the way i want it. I want to do this right. I would like to hear any and all input on this swap. I'm going to be sticking with the ls motor as that is what I have. I'm thinking of sticking with the ls tranny as well.....well at least for a while. I'm going to build the engine before I drop it in, but I don't want a frankenstein motor. I reiterate.I'm keeping this cali street legal. (tired of worrying about cops pulling me over and sh*t.)

    List of parts I have on the teg that i'm planning on swapping to the accord:
    1. B18a motor
    2.Ls tranny w/cp short shifter with mugen knob
    3. Stock da rotors,calipars
    4. front axels, rear axels (can i keep the stock ones from the accord? noob question...i know)
    5. *hopefully........suspension from the da. (i need to do more research on this part)
    6. DC cermaic coated headers or should i go itr?
    7. tanabe racing medallion exhaust system..........i'm still contemplating if i want to put this on the accord. i'm going for a sleeper look and might go with a "stock" looking exhaust system (i'm going for balance of hp and sound with a stock look)
    8. 16" rota racing circuit 8's (gunmetal.....i plan on painting the car black w/black interior)

    List of what i want to add/take out:
    1. remove back seats. gut rear portion of interior.
    2. full roll cage that I will build and weld myself....yes i know...i said i wanted a stock looking accord, but this is more for safety purposes as i will be doing togue
    3. most likely will go with full bucket seats with 5 pt harnesses

    any input would greatly appreciated
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