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2 Questions.? 97 B18b1 94 Civic

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by SlowRider, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. SlowRider

    SlowRider Member

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    Jan 3, 2005
    Please read all and help. Sorry for such a long post but I need help.

    Hello. I am put the 97 b18b1 engine in my 94 civic using a 91 cable tranny. Well now I am trying to put the wire harness for the 97 b18 in the car. Everyone says just use the 97 one and it plugs right in at the shock towers, wich it does. But there is one extra plug and no place to plug it in. It is on the passanger side set off plugs for the shock tower. The 94 civic has 3 the harness has 4. But the other 3 did plug in but what do I do with the extra one? That is my first question.

    Second question. There are 2 wires on the tranny right under the control arm where do they go?

    And 3rd question. What Throttle cable do I need to use for a 97 b18 in a 94 civic? The one I have is to long.

    Thanks and sorry so long.. Sorry that is 3 questions not 2.
  2. 96CIVICLS

    96CIVICLS Senior Member

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    Apr 7, 2005
    well lets see the harness will plug up to the car but you have extra wires well the 96- 98 civics and integras have extra wires becuse some are for the crank sensor which you car doesnt have and some are for other things which your car doesnt have put it this way your car is OBD1 well the engine you have is OBD2 and OBD2 has a few extra thing that Obd1 doesnt .

    And for the wires that you have to the trany are they green and yellow if they are there your back up light when you put the car in reverse there is a pin in the trans that hits the back up light sensor and puts your reverse lights on let me know what color they are.

    your gonnna use a integra throttle cable 94-01 its perfet for it will line right up just dont get a GSR one it wont work becuse the intake on the GSR is diffrent .

    let me know if this helps and also get a helms manual for the wiring of the engine it will help alot.

    thanks steve
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