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88 CRX(DX) Stock to D16ZC

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by Dark Angel, May 14, 2008.

  1. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel New Member

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    May 14, 2008
    Hello all, First time working with Hondas so please go easy on me. Well I have an '88 Honda CRX(DX) Model that is my brother's car, it is completely stock. Tranny is also stock.

    Recently in doing him a favor of doing an engine swap I thought it would be easy to do and it was.

    Now here is where I'm stuck and confused as I have read numerous forums and other such info and have got some honda books.

    The original engine was the stock D15B2(If I'm not mistaken) 1.5 Dual Point injection.

    Now after doing my research I realize that the engine I put in the car is the D16ZC(which I believe equals the D16A6). Now at the time I thought and was told that it would bolt right up and that I wouldn't have to do anymore work to it to get it running. Well it did bolt right up and tried using the old intake mannifold.

    So I come to you to asking for your help in getting this running.

    1. Now if I'm not mistaken I believe I need to get the Multi-point intake manny along with the throttle body.

    2. I also need to get the injectors for the intake manny.

    3. Unsure of(what else I need to get/need, if anything).

    3a. Do I need to get a different ECU? Or can it be done other way(using the exsisting ECU).

    4. I would like to make the wiring part Plug and Play(If that is possible.

    Would greatly appreciate a list of compatible part's as I am unsure and still confused as to what will work and what wouldn't.

    Also if someone has all the stuff needed give me a shout with price.

    Thanks to all in advance for the help.

    P.S. Sorry the this post being in a different spot on the forum.
  2. roninallout79

    roninallout79 Plan B

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    Oct 19, 2007
    GER friggin MANY
    Got what ya need

    Alright man heres what you need to change. You obviously changed the manifold next your going to have the change the distributor. The DPFI or DX D15B2 has a 5 wire cannon plug where as the MPFI or D16ZC has a 7 wire cannon plug at the distributor because the distributor now houses the Crank Angle Sensor. Next depending on what ECU you currently have (PM5 or PM6) both will work but I would suggest at the least if you dont already have it is get the PM6. As for the wiring raywire makes a conversion harness so you can plug and play the wiring directly into the car. Another option which is the way I went when I converted my 91 Hatch to MPFI was I changed the whole body harness from the ECU forward wasnt really all that difficult time consuming but in the end it was worth the effort. Other than that ebay also has the wiring harness converted to just plug and play runs about hundred and a half minus shipping. Other than that bro let me know I have quite a few harness's I need to get rid of both engine and body harness's. Let me know which route you plan to go and then maybe we can work something out. Good luck

  3. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel New Member

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    May 14, 2008
    Clarifying some Things

    Thanks for the reply. I will be going to the junkyard on friday & possibly Saturday to get the stuff I need.

    So just to clarify,

    1. I will Need to change out the Dual-Point intake to a Multi-Point? Any specific year/make/model of the Multi-Point or just make sure it says Multi-Point?

    2. Change out Distributor. Specific year/make/model?

    3. Change out ECU if current is not PM6? If changed to PM6 I can get the engine and body harness from you correct(Plug & Play is preferred as well as trying not to spend to much money)?

    4. If I don't do number 3 then I can do the DPFI to MPFI using the wiring diagram found on here correct?

    5. I will need the resistor box from the donor MPFI car correct?

    I will check tomorrow about what ECU it currently has.

    Again thanks for your time and help.
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