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88 Honda CRX Swap B20

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by Vizzion, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. Vizzion

    Vizzion Junior Member

    Sorry to ask another currently same question! Here is my current plans. I have a B18b out of a 1994 Acura Integra LS Automatic, and a YS1 tranny out of a 90 Acura Integra with axles from the the same year currently sitting in my garage but I have second thoughts. I have know been offered a B20 out of a 2000 CR-V and was think on purchasing this engine but I am not sure of the bolt up process and parts that it would require to put this engine in my car, and if it was possible. I was wondering if any of ya'll have done this swap to a crx, and what will it take to make this 2000 engine work in my crx. Also do ya'll think it would be best to continue with what I was working on or proceed with the next application. I've also thought of LS-VTECH or as they would say CRV-TECH, but was not sure. I was hoping ya'll could clear this one up for me. To all those that post I appreciate the help on helping me out,Thanks

  2. mellowboy

    mellowboy Senior Member

    Its doable. Its just the same as putting ls motor or any b series motor in our cars. Anyways you will have to use the LS intake manifold. If you wanna keep it non obd. I'd suggest you get the obd0 fuel injectors,dist and ecu.
  3. Vizzion

    Vizzion Junior Member

    So I should probably purchase a non obd intake manifold off of a 90 - 91 Acura Integra non-vtech engine correct me if I'm wrong. Or can I use the Si intake manifold on it?
  4. mellowboy

    mellowboy Senior Member

    The crx si intake manifold? Thats not gonna work. You can get the skunk2 while your at it.
  5. D See 2

    D See 2 Senior Member

    yea, that would be great.
  6. Vizzion

    Vizzion Junior Member

    Either way will both engine require 90 -91 Intake Manifold.

  7. kris

    kris Senior Member

    Yep, the B20 fits fine. Yes, you will need the intake manifold from the 90/93 integra motor.
  8. SleEPeR_CRX

    SleEPeR_CRX Senior Member

    u need IM manifold, distributor, injectors and ecu from a non-obd integra. u will also need the clutch and throttle cable from the integra, and use an integra cable tranny.
  9. Vizzion

    Vizzion Junior Member

    Will the 90 -93 Clutch bolt on to earlier model B -Series motors such as my 94 Teg B18b, Also is the this true or what do ya'll think someone told me I could use the Injectors of of my 1.6 Si engine or D16, is this true? I am currently looking for a Stage 2 clutch for my application but I have to sure that what I'm purchasing will work with my swap. By the way, Ya'll thanks for the info,

  10. Vizzion

    Vizzion Junior Member

    Also this my Current Collection:

    ( 94 ) Acura Integra LS B18b1
    ( 91 ) YS1 Cable Transmission
    ( 91 ) Acura Integra PR4 ECU
    ( 91 ) Acura Integra LS Axles and intermediate shaft
    ( 91 ) Acura Integra Throttle Cable
    ( 91 ) Acura Integra Speedo Cable
    Greedy SP 2 System on it's was on freight or whatever.

    Still need:

    ( 90 - 91 ) Acura Integra Intake Manifold
    ( 90 - 91 ) Acura Integra Clutch which will be order this week.
    Hasport Mounts have been ordered awaiting shipment!
    ( 90 - 91 ) Distributor located at NAPA

    Am I missing something ya'll, Please correct me if I'm wrong or forgot something!

  11. SleEPeR_CRX

    SleEPeR_CRX Senior Member

    ok #1, u seem like a nice guy so i wont flame u. but vtec = honda's vtech = phones. now that that is outa the way. to install the b20 in ur CRX, u will need to do 2 hard things, change the engine to obd1 and the car to obd1, so u will need

    for the engine: swap in an obd1 integra IM
    obd1 injectors
    obd1 distributor
    obd1 engine harness

    for car
    obd1 engine harness
    obd1 ecu

    then u just need hasport b series into ef mounts. i recommend against the b20, as it was a truck engine, and is not mad to rev as happy as say a b18. unless u sleeve it and get alot of headwork done, it isnt the best choice. also, cr/vtec is alot slower than a b20turbo and costs about the same, and requires alot less work and alot less nowhow. any more questions let me know.
  12. mellowboy

    mellowboy Senior Member

    He can keep the car non obd. Why change it?
  13. SleEPeR_CRX

    SleEPeR_CRX Senior Member

    b/c u cant switch an obd2 motor to obd0. u can only change 1 obd, so u change engine to obd1, and car to obd1.
  14. brian11to1

    brian11to1 Senior Member

    It's VTEC, not VTECH... fucktard
  15. Bl6CRX

    Bl6CRX Senior Member

    for car
    obd1 engine harness
    obd1 ecu

    and don't forget the 4 wire 02 sensor to convert to obd1
  16. crx

    crx Senior Member

    why cant you change a obd2 motor to obd0? all you would need is the obd0 dizzy,injectors, im and ecu, there will be extra sensors on the block but i dont see y you cant do it.. inform me please

  17. mellowboy

    mellowboy Senior Member

    IT can be done. I dont know whre he get that idea from but hes wrong.
  18. kris

    kris Senior Member

    Willing to put money on that?
  19. Vizzion

    Vizzion Junior Member

    Okey another problem what engine do I specify when I order a clutch,the 94 model or 90-91. I want to order the clutch this week. Also what stage do ya'll recommend, I was thinking stage 2 but don't know.
  20. Vizzion

    Vizzion Junior Member

    Oh by the way ya'll thanks for the information. I appreciate it, this by far the most information I have got on the net.

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