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89 prelude b20a5 into a 4th gen civic

Discussion in 'Civic and CRX - EF' started by rick82, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. rick82

    rick82 New Member

    Hi everyone!! My name is Rick and i'm brand new to this site. I was a mustang fanatic and belonged to all the clubs, but I am now venturing into the import world and need some help. I had a 89 prelude that i was racing, but the car got totaled so now im looking to build a new one. I have the opportunity to get a 1990 civic hatchback and was wondering if my prelude motor would fit? I've been doing countless research and some say yes and some say no. Others say yes but i need a mount kit and others say its not worth the hassle. I'm mechanically inclined as i have built a 10 second drag car so all technical information will be highly appreciated. The winters coming and i need something to do so im ready to go next race season. thanks again
  2. 91si

    91si New Member

    It should fit with aftermarket mounts, and linkage.
    I wouldent do it though. That engine is crap.
    For a hatch, go with one of the many...
    F22(jdm only)
    Zc(with boost)
  3. Uncle Buck

    Uncle Buck JDMDecals.com guru

    first off i have no clue as to why you would want to use this motor... its not the same B20 thats in the crv.... the B20a3,B20a5 and the B21a1 are known as the Bastard B-series.... there isnt a whole lot you can do with these motors... i know this i have a B20a5 in my 89 prelude, and believe me its not exactly the best motor to start out with....these motors were designed differently due to the slope in the hood and fenders.... honda was going for the engine-less look.... there for the head was tilted back 18degrees

    also these have hydrolic trans not cable.... shift linkages are completly different....better off using other series of engines like 91si stated
  4. norcalgsr

    norcalgsr Honda Master Technician

    Yeah it won't work with the aftermarket mount kits either due to the casting of the block since it's sloped backwards like the post above mine says. Plus the aftermarket support for it is basically non existent.. I have one in my Prelude as well :)
  5. Uncle Buck

    Uncle Buck JDMDecals.com guru

    nice... do you have the 4ws model? i know its off topic but i couldnt resist lol

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