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91 Accord H22A1 Swap

Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by wburke30, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. wburke30

    wburke30 New Member

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    May 24, 2007

    Recently removed the stock F22A1 motor from my 91 Honda Accord DX.

    Replaced motor with a stock H22A1 USDM motor from a 93 Honda Prelude VTEC.

    Parts we used:
    H22A1 Motor & ECU -- (USDM NOT JDM)
    F22A1 Tranny
    Stock Accord Harness

    Parts We replaced while motor was out:
    Replaced auto tensioner with a H23 manual tensioner.
    Water Pump
    Both Timing Belts
    Valve Cover Seals, and Gasket.

    We also replaced the big pulley on the crank with the big pulley from the F22 motor, because the one the came with the motor was damaged in transit. The difference in the pulleys is the one had H had 6 ribs the F had 5. So custom belts are needed.

    A/C, Alternator & Power Steering:
    We removed the A/C for more power.
    As far as the power steering, we used the stock Accord P/S Bracket & Pump. (We never actually disconnected the power steering pump from car, just took off motor). We are finding the the power steering pump line (top of pump) is rubbing against the hood. I think we used the stock alternator, but am unsure.

    P/S & Alternator Belts:
    The power steering and alternator belts we used are custom fit, because the stock ones did not fit.

    This was the hardest part of the whole job. Could not find a lot of information about the USDM H22A1 with an EXTERNAL COIL DISTRIBUTOR. Yes, 5 wires coming out of the cap. So here it is:

    To Connect a H22A1 USDM External Coil:
    - Connect Blue@coil to green@distributor
    - Connect Yellow@coil to Black/Yellow@ distributor
    - The Black/Yellow@coil was not used

    ** For the People that said to use the stock dizzy....the housing is completely different, that would only work if you want to pay someone to swap the internals of both distributors (basically rebuilding the dizzy) **

    We used the stock axles from the Accord.

    We used the stock 5 speed tranny. No Modifications were needed to make it fit, just a little TLC and a lot of patience.

    We used all stock mounts, just had to shave the Front Mount (between motor & radiator) because it was touching the tranny.

    The USDM 93 Honda Prelude P13 ECU did not bolt directly up where the old Accord ECU came out (not a big problem, just drilled new holes). This also required TLC and alot of patience. We had to re-pin the old harness for the new ECU.

    Info We found Useful for this swap:
    Only used the wiring section from this article - Accord Chassis with H22 Engine - Tech - Sport

    This was very useful - Jdm h22a into 4th gen EX/LX/DX 90-93 [COMPLETE] - Accordingly Done

    For the H22 Auto to H23 Manual Tensioner Conversion - H22 Auto to Manual Timing Belt Tensioner Conversion - Accordingly Done
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