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91 Integra swap advice?

Discussion in 'Integra' started by Patrick2301, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. Patrick2301

    Patrick2301 New Member

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    Mar 18, 2007
    I recently came across a 91 Integra LS coupe (B18A1 w/ auto trans) for free. I plan to convert it to a manual trans and add headers, intake, and exhaust (no turbo).
    I want to find out:

    -Can I convert the B-18A1 to VTEC easily? Will it be reliable?
    -If not, which VTEC block/head combo can I get that is cheap and bolts in easily?
    -Which ECU or wiring harness do I need?
    -Which transmission should I use? (cable clutch preferred)
    -Am I missing anything?

    Any info is appreciated

  2. tartymctang2357

    tartymctang2357 Grand High Wizard

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    Aug 28, 2006
    1. yes you can convert it to vtec, easily, yes reliable it can be if you take the right precautions, i.e. new rod bolts, and understanding that it wasn't meant to rev insanely high, in my opinion doing a ls/vtec isn't worth it unless you're going to build it more then just stock internals... thats my opinion mind you
    2. you could get a b16a from hmotorsonline, bolts in easy and all you have to do is wire up the vtec, but some feel the b16 is under powered for the integra chassis, thats really a large point of debate you need to figure out for yourself, and as far as swaps go yes its cheap, 1200-1500
    3. the ecu and wiring harness depend on which motor you want to swap, there are many different options to this, chip an ecu/ have it reprogrammed, buy a stock vtec ecu, and the wiring harness, if you use a vtec motor you can get a wiring harness for that motor or you can try to wire up the vtec yourself
    4. as for the transmission if you want a cable clutch get one from a b16, all other trans options are hydro
    5. not that i can think of
  3. DAteggy91

    DAteggy91 New Member

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    Apr 12, 2007
    i also plan on putting a 94 LS motor in a 91 LS 10Hp upgrade better engine more Tq. i wanna then build it up so make some nice POW-AH for my little DA...this is only a project to learn on, not a serious race car or anything...

    my main ? was if i just get a 94 engine will that work with my 91 cable tranny...?
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