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91 si B20A 5 speed

Discussion in 'Prelude' started by chronichonda, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. chronichonda

    chronichonda New Member

    whats going on people? alight so this is what it is i went and bought my a lude dont know civic wasnt doing it anymore so i bought the lude but now i have a problem with the lude. :confused: Its a 91 lude si with the B20A DOHC non vtec 5 speed. so when i start my car in the morning the car idles at 3grand then drops to 1 1/2 grand then back up to 3 it use to only do it when it was cold but now its doing it all the time... and now the 5.0's telling me i need a new exhaust one not so loud but when it's running right I can keep it down at times but cant keep it down with it dropping down and rising back up. It's starting to also if i'm driving in the neighborhood and i'm not above 2 grands it'll like jerk then go back to what ever rpm i was at below 2 so i was thinking it was my o2 sensor because it's burning hella rich but i was also told by a buddy me it might be my throttle passioning sensor. also i can only hit 2nd gear every now and then. it grinds it and doesn't hold 2nd if i'm at low RPM's and every now and then when i'm getting on it ill shift into 2nd and it grinds go to push the clutch in shift into 3rd the clutch come out with out any slack so i have to put my foot underneath the clutch pedal and pull it back out then it work again u think its the clutch what do yall think it is? if yall can help that would be sick. so hit me back U can send me an email at Russell_Steele_06@hotmail.com so yeah keep ur smoke on -Russ-
  2. Uncle Buck

    Uncle Buck JDMDecals.com guru

    hondas tend to have a fluctuating idle whenever there is low coolant.... wierd i know....
  3. chronichonda

    chronichonda New Member

    okay.... all my fluid are top off. as far as leak i only have 1 leak and thats my cam shaft seal is shot so its leaking onto my the belt ... but its not my fluids
  4. Uncle Buck

    Uncle Buck JDMDecals.com guru

    hmmmm wierd.....

    there is also alot of smart ppl on Preludepower.com - Powered by vBulletin its the largest 3rd gen community, if you cant find the issue there then there is something indeed wrong :eek:
  5. 93civicracer

    93civicracer Lick my nuts.

    If your clutch pedal is sticking then check your slave/release cylinder. Either out of fluid (it uses brake fluid) or the line's loose or it's not hooked up or something.
  6. eludethis

    eludethis Junior Member

    damn mang you got some problems with that knew car of yours. first off the bouncy idle. it's your IAC valve. it's located on the back of the manifold next to the throttle body. It's got two small screws on the top of it. replace it...or for the time being. open and you will see a white diaphram on the inside. there is a straight slot across it. take a flat screwdriver and gently tighten it down. this should solve your bouncy idle prob til you get a new IAC.

    second is the jerkiness. do you have a CEL? if not then it has to be a vacuum problem. check your vac hoses for cracks, cuts, and proper routing. there is a diagram on the inside of your hood that shows the poper routing of most of the vac lines. if it were a sensor then you would have a CEL. and if you do have a CEL then you'll have to pull the code so we can help you.

    third is your tranny. chances are your synchros are fried! jus t buy a new tranny. this happens when you shift too fast of shift past the synchros.

    fourth is your clutch...actually your clutch master cylinder to be exact. it's slowing going. and will be gone SOON. so change that and your clutch slave cyl and you should be good with that.
  7. Uncle Buck

    Uncle Buck JDMDecals.com guru

    just have a few things to add to this since some info is kinda scetchy.... not to mention good way of bringing back an old thread...

    anywho i can almost guarantee the low coolant had something to do with the bouncy RPM's.... anyone that knows hondas kinda picked up on that trick along time ago.... the motor is surging due to low fluids....

    ok the CEL comment.... i wont say nothing cus he never once said he had one so blah....(these cars dont have alot of vaccum hoses so i dont forsee that an issue)

    run out and buy another tranny? well ill have you know that the B20/21 out of the third gen preludes arent all that easy to find.... i know this, i have a 89 lude;)

    to test and see if his clutch master cyl. is shot, he should have some brake/clutch fluid get on his shoes, because thats one of the first places that you can tell.... he probably has either a air bubble in his line

    problems getting into 2nd with a grind..... id just simply check to see if there is any binds or anything blocking the shift linkages.... they tend to wear out pretty fast in these cars....
  8. eludethis

    eludethis Junior Member

    wow another pp.com member on this forum. good to see you here. yes i know all that being i've owned three 3rd gens now. i was simply giving him answers to problems i've solved myself. i didn't have time to get technical but i can if you want. and damn didn't realise this thread was that old.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2008

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