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91 teg B18A1 into 91 civic si hb

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by D16SiHatch, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. D16SiHatch

    D16SiHatch New Member

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    Sep 7, 2007
    So i've poked around the site a bit and found some pretty good info in here and in the reference section. i just had some more specific questions i was hoping someone could answer. So I'm looking at getting an obd0 b18a1 here pretty soon for a real nice price, so before i start buying up parts i want to make sure i know what im getting into, and that i get the right parts.

    -For the motor mounts ive heard you only need the different tranny mount, and the other stock ones on the b18 will work in an EF chassis, is that the case?

    -I see im supposed to beat out the left-hand frame rail to make from for the alternator pully clearance. does anyone have a pic or a more exact definition of where to start. i woudnt want to dent the piss out of the wrong area and set the motor in then realize i got the wrong area and i have to pull the engine to fix the mistake meanwhile now having two areas all dented up lol.

    -The reference section said use b18b axles however i thought i was supposed to use the axles that originally came with the b18a1 motor,so basically 91 teg axles. and i think they are supposed to work because i have an Si and the hubs match, sound right?

    -Engine harness: from what i understand since both my car and the engine i want to swap into it are obd0 i wont have to do much as far as electrical goes. i was told i need to use the harness off my d16a6 and it will just match up to the connections on the b18a1, is that right? and then swap out the a6 ecu for a PR4.

    -Throttle cable: reference section sais i'm supposed to use one from a 90 integra. is this correct, i thought the one on there now would work?

    -Also i noticed the little cylinder lookin thing on the firewall (not sure what its called) is different on the teg then on the a6 and i think theres somethin called a "dashpot" on the b18 thats different too? How are the vaccum lines ran from the b18 intake to the cylindrical mechanism on my si firewall. do i need one of these mechanisms from the teg or will mine work?

    -As far as transmissions go i see there are a lot of options. what do you guys recommend. i would like to get a nice cable tranny with decent gearing (something better than the ls stock trannys gearing lol) ive heard people say to go with the b16 si cable tranny but others ive heard say theres problems with it so what do you guys think is best bang for the buck? i dont want to be replacing a tranny in the near future after i do this swap, or having synchros going bad on me that i'd have to deal with.

    Sorry for all the questions but i'd like to do this right the first time, and make sure i have everything i need, and nothing i don't.

    hopefully someone will help me out...^_^
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2007
  2. 1988hondacrxsiR1

    1988hondacrxsiR1 Banned

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    Sep 10, 2007
    The mounts will not work.
    The clearance for alternator is below the drivers side framewall. You will see a square shape hole on wall 2 inches below that YOU BANG IT!.
    axles have to 90-93 integra ones. Remove dust seals on hubs for clearance of axles.
    harness will fit but will need extra plug for a second 02 if u have 2 02 sensors
    Throttle cable will not work from civic si. USE the teg one.
    The vacuums lines should be the same as b16 one.
    The best transmission for fuel economy is longer gears from A1 or y1 tranny. For a build up GSR YS1 or TYPE R tranny final drive 4.7

    Good luck;)
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