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92 D-series HB FS/FT in MN

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by Allmotorisbest, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Allmotorisbest

    Allmotorisbest Junior Member

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    Apr 19, 2006
    Alright well, unfortunately I cant hold onto her any longer, and I figured since you all here are of course into D's Id have a better chance selling it here. Anyways its a 92 White Honda Civic Hatch DX.

    Rebuilt D16Y7 Block, Y8 Rods with ARP bolts, PG6B Pistons, Yielding 10.8:1(about 7000 miles or so on rebuilt bottem end) Compression with Y8 Headgasket(about 2500miles on Headgasket)
    JDM D15B VTEC head, with Stage 2 Crower Cam(about 2500-3000miles on Cam)
    Skunk2 Pro Series Intake Manifold(Almost Brand New, about 150miles on it, new OEM IM gasket)
    GSR Throttle Body with Short Ram Intake
    One Off Custom Header(needs to be coated, New OEM Exhaust Gasket) Leading to straight pipe to Apexi N1 Canister(loud as hell)

    White Paint, I think its Championship White(Not positive) In pretty good condition, a few minor scratches nothing to bad, a chip or two from driving.
    Carbon Fiber hood with custom WRX hood scoop, painted black. Has actual hood locks, one is broken at the moment, you can get a set from Summit for $28 Shipped. Just havent gotten around to it.
    Layed Over Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid, Should be relayed, bubbles out a little bit unless its in the sun for a while and then it sticks.
    Carbon Fiber Duck bill spoiler painted black(Can easily be stripped of paint to look carbon fiber again)
    Lowered(Sp?), not exactly sure what springs I have, its for drag racing though, unless you like a pretty bumpy ride I suggest you get some different springs/coilovers. Ive learned to live with it, its not all that bad.
    15" Stockies wrapped with Nitto NT450's. (about 75-80% tread left)
    About 214,*** miles on body itself

    Converted to SI gauge with Indaglo gauge cover thing
    4th Gen Steering wheel
    Pioneer CD Player(works good)
    Blue Leather seats, drivers seat has the usual wear a tear, other seats are fine.
    Thats about it, nothing to special here. If i think of anything i might be missing I'll post it up.

    Car is pretty fast over all, I myself havent raced it at the track yet, last season with a different setup it ran a 14.5 its best on street tires. Im thinking if you get this setup tuned it should be running the same. With slicks maybe a little faster if you can drive. Not sure though. Car runs very strong and pulls very strong. Doesnt leak oil or have any problems. I feel like im missing something, so if I remember anything Ill post it up. If anyone has any question feel free to ask. Will provide VIN for serious inquiries. Im looking for $5,500 OBO. Or possibly a trade, just hit me with whatever, if I'm interested we will have a deal.

    Now for the pics. Since I dont feel like reposting them, I will just take a link from another page. If anyone wants any other pictures taking im willing. http://www.d-series.org/forums/showthread.php?t=40336

    Oh yeah, the car has no heat, air, or power steering, but I have all the parts for it and will include with car if buyer wants. The car also has an alarm. its got metal bars that go from the doors into body of the car. Dont have to worry about anyone breaking in through picking the locks. Enjoy!

    EDIT: 3rd Gear grinds a little, its been that way since i bought it. Also I have a stage 2 clutch in it with plenty of life left.
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