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92 ZC into a 90 civic SI. Can it be done???

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by kochease, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. kochease

    kochease Junior Member

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    Aug 9, 2004
    :huh: Hi, I have a 90 civic SI. I just bought a 92 civic DOHC ZC motor (just says ZC on block). The shop told me everything is the same as the 90-91 ZC's except the map sensor is electronic on top of the intake manifold. I started looking at my 90 si intake and it has more hoses. I was told is for the A/C idol. The 92 doesn't have this. Do you think a 92 zc can be swapped into a 90 civic SI? Does anyone know what hose #7 AND #12 are for on a 90 si?? I was thinking of leaving the map sensor disconnected on the 92 ZC.
    CAN this swap be done?? I have a 91 zc distributer and cam sensor so my last issue is this intake.
    What if I switch my engine wiring harness to a 92 SI?? I have a 92 ZC ECU and the distributer. Would this be eaisier???
    Any help would be great :)
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