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94 Civic LS swap Mount Questions

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by SPL KID, May 2, 2008.

  1. SPL KID

    SPL KID New Member

    Is it neccesary to to have the front AC mount stopper Bracket and Bolt down? Thats a expensive piece and I don't see it used in many other swaps of earlier models.
  2. boostaddict

    boostaddict New Member

    im just using the two top side mounts and the rear mount
  3. Joecivic94

    Joecivic94 New Member

    Well the A/C bracket is actually a torque bracket that you really dont need but it does help. I ran my car without it for a long time after I removed my A/C.
  4. disordinate

    disordinate Technician

    if your using swap mounts then chances are you don't need it. Specially since most swap mounts are solid Urethane.
  5. low-keyseg92

    low-keyseg92 New Member

    I just did the same swap and did not use the a/c mounts or the one on the other side either. I have noticed no difference either. I used the factory motor andtranny mounts also. I intend on changing to the hasport mounts eventually. But to answer your question, you dont really need them.

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