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96 ek3 d15z6 -> 99 d16w4 engine

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by ordii, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. ordii

    ordii New Member

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    Jan 14, 2009
    Hello, my d15 engine ir consuming approx 1l oil on 1k km`s, so i decided to look for a d16y8/y6 engine. One guy offered me his d16w4 which is from 99-00 civics for ~ 150eur and i`m thinking i could take it, but questions are:
    1) will i need to do some re-wiring or smthn or all sensors and stuff will plug and bolt right back in? i just take off gbox, axles and so on, these will fit, but how about all the electronics? :>
    and 2) - he doesnt have the obd2 ecu for this engine, he`s driving same ek3 with this engine swapped in, but with obd1 conversion and p28 ecu programmed for this engine.. can i get that wiring harness from somewhere internet and p28ecu and after that just plug it in? je, ofcourse load the basemaps of that d16w4?
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