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97 Ek Hatch / Built Bottom B18c / New Price $6500

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by Vosty, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. Vosty

    Vosty "REP 4 U" Whore Member!!!

    Lowballers Dream:
    *Should c some bump's for a steal?

    To make a long story short, Ive got a kid on the way and have to let loose of this partially completed project. I paid $6,500 for it in March of 06 and have put an additional $5,000 back into it already. My loss is definately your gain. It recently recieved its second b18c swap this time with a heavily built bottom end. "The asking price is $6,500 firm, no trades" Previous asking price was $7800 firm until my shop did a leak down after breaking in the rebuilt engine and the stock head must be replaced. It's loosing compression in the 4th cylinder, and is leaking oil. Selling the car at this price puts me out $5,000+ dollars but it must go. Reason for the new asking price is I need this car gone yesterday... $400-$1,000 into a new head and youve got yourself a steal considering the $ invested into the bottom end of this car among many other mods...

    ♦1997 Civic Hatchback DX.
    ♦It Has A 99/00 Front End Conversion.
    ♦Type R Front & Rear Lip Kit, Sideskirts Are Stock DX.
    ♦PIAA GT-X H.I.D bulb

    ♦Panasonic Head Unit
    ♦Pioneer 6x9
    ♦Si Gauge Cluster
    ♦Audiovox AX901 2-way remote start w/ command confirm.

    ♦Built B18C1 "Under 500 miles"
    ♦Stock head "loosing compression in the 4th, leaking oil" needs to be replaced with a new one, 400$ + fix not bad...
    ♦Golden Eagle Sleeves (81.5mm bore) (under 500 miles)
    ♦Wiseco Coated Pistons (9.5:1) (under 500 miles)
    ♦Eagle H-Beam Rods. (under 500 miles)
    ♦ACL Bearings. (under 500 miles)
    ♦Whole Bottom End Plastigauged. (under 500 miles)
    ♦Golden Eagle Head Studs. (under 500 miles)
    ♦Skunk2 Intake Manifold.
    ♦Ebay Cold Air Intake
    ♦AEM Fuel Dist.
    ♦3" Mandrel Exhaust By "www.linderpowersystems.com" (under 500 miles)
    ♦3" Magnaflow Muffler. "Actually Prty quite considering 3" (under 500 miles)
    ♦3" Megan Racing: Test pipe/resonator. (under 500 miles)
    ♦p28 Chipped ECU / VTEC @ 4800 rpm's - 8200 Redline
    ♦New oem Water pump (under 500 miles)
    ♦New OEM Timing belt (under 500 miles)
    ♦New Exedy Organic Clutch (under 500 miles)
    ♦New ACT Chromoly Flywheel (under 500 miles)
    ♦NRG Torque Dampner
    ♦Im sure im missing something

    ♦Cheap Ebay Coilover's?
    ♦15" Rota Slipstreams
    ♦Toyo Proxes 4 (good tread)
    ♦Si Brake Master Cylinder
    ♦SS Brake Lines "Put on under 500 miles ago"
    ♦Si Front & Rear Brake Conversion

    The Good:
    .Fully built engine that can handle 500+ HP. Once the head work is addressed and fixed I would do it myself and sale the car for $8,500 but I dont have time to be waisting towards this project due to the baby bieng here in the next month...
    .Under 500 miles on the new B18C1, since the build. "Took old B18C out"
    .Everything in the engine is brand new, I spent $4,000 just in parts + engine cost building it. Sleeves done in California by Golden Eagle"
    .I have a carfax from the day I purchased the vehicle and can email the carfax to you. "The only thing that will possibly show up is that the Gauge cluster has been swapt to the SI cluster and Im not sure how it will show up on the carfax."
    .Flawless Rota Slipstreams 0 scrapes/scratches. And lot's of tread left...
    .It has rain-x windshield wipers FTW!!!

    The Bad:
    .The current head is loosing compression in the 4th. Needs to be replaced with a new head...
    .Stock shocks need replacement.
    .Would recommend replacing ECU with either a P72 OBD1 or the Hondata s300. I was going to put in the s300... "'The car will also come with a P72 OBD2 ECU, and the stock engine ECU, and other misc. parts"
    .Rear 1/4 panel dent as seen in the pictures.
    .Front right fender has dents in it...
    .5th gear synchros is out, it grinds... all other gears flawless...
    .Some paint scratches on front & Back Bumper...


    Below is a list of things I had planned to do this winter/spring, "None of the parts listed below come with the car" and havent purchased any of these items...

    My old Build Plan's to finnish this project...
    ♦Hondata s300
    ♦Turbo Kit By Linder Power Systems
    ♦Wideband 02
    ♦Paint & Body Work
    ♦Fully Adjustable Coilovers, shocks
    ♦F&R Sway Bars, Strut Bar
    ♦Replace GSR Tranny w/ Type R LSD Tranny


    ▫I have a lot of images of the car so if you want a certain side, interior or anything let me know... Need this car gone! I can meet in Ellensburg for you Seattle folk...


    PM or phone me @ (509) 439-9428
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2006
  2. reikoshea

    reikoshea HS Troll...And Mod Moderator

    Wimper...i have a built B16 head just waiting to be put on an engine....*cry*
  3. Vosty

    Vosty "REP 4 U" Whore Member!!!

    Ya Ive spoken with the wife many times and honeslty i dont know what the right choice is. I can get a head for 400 in good shape ez. Im just done putting $ into it, However gets this car is a lucky duck...
  4. reikoshea

    reikoshea HS Troll...And Mod Moderator

    I didnt even notice it was you selling this car. good luck bro. Im almost sad now. I want it to stay in the HS family.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2006
  5. Meeko

    Meeko New Member

    Bump for an awesome seller and great guy! Sad to see the car go man. This price is insanely low. Bump for a quick sale my friend.
  6. Vosty

    Vosty "REP 4 U" Whore Member!!!

    Thanx for the bumps everyone... Someone pick this up
  7. Vosty

    Vosty "REP 4 U" Whore Member!!!

  8. Meeko

    Meeko New Member

  9. ej1b20v

    ej1b20v New Member

  10. eg6sir

    eg6sir Supa Mod Moderator

    way to bump a 3 yr old thread.. :lame:
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