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98 acura 2.3cl h22 swap questions

Discussion in 'NSX, TSX, RL, TL, CL' started by TheCLProject, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. TheCLProject

    TheCLProject New Member

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    Nov 19, 2006
    i currently have a 5 speed 98 acura 2.3cl with the f23 motor in it and i want to do a h22a swap to it, iv looked around here and all the information seems to be blending together, just need some help figureing it all out.

    First thing i can think of is the motor mounts. from what iv read all the motor mounts line up other then the tranny mount, and its simple to move the mount on the new h22 tranny.

    Second is the wiring, from what iv heard the easyest way to go with that is using the stock f23 harness, plugging in all i can and adding more wires as necessary.

    The third thing im not sure about is what axles to use.

    any other information you guys could throw me would be appreciated, and emailing me would be appreciated too, darrya28@hotmail.com
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