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Accord 93 Lx JDM H22A auto swap HELP!!

Discussion in 'Accord' started by fuegie, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. fuegie

    fuegie Jdm h22a Cb7

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    Aug 16, 2006
    Milwaukee, WI
    Hello everybody.. First of all, i just want to thank you for taking the time to look at my post. Im not quite sure if i will remember everything that i want to ask for your help on, but ill try and say as much as i can. So hopefully you guys can help me out. Alright.. here are a few things off the bat that i am having problems with..

    1. For some reason.. When my Vtec kicks in, it will kick in for a gear or so and when i let go of the gas pedal i will get a backfire from my exhaust and my Vtec will for some reason not kick in anymore after this. So my Vtec is on and off and i have no clue why that is. I have a V-afc and it shows that my Vtec is kicking off and on where i have set it to, but i cannot feel the Vtec at all, so i know that the Vtec did not kick in.

    2. My auto tranny for some reason seems to be lagging when it shifts. Is this suppose to happend ? I have driven many many automatic cars before and the shifting is really smooth from gear to gear. But on my accord when i shift, it lags and it shifts really slow. I have both the Jdm H22a TCM and the stock accord TCM. The Jdm TCM seems to rev alot more and takes longer to shift. The stock accord TCM seems to shift alot better but still the shifting seems to be slow. I am currently using the accord TCM because it seems to work better. The last time that i have tried and acually got my Vtec to kick in, i acually revved up to about 7200 RPM on the stock accord TCM. Also, Once in a while the shifting will stall arond 3000 rpm and rev up and down between 3000-2500 rpm and then finally it will kick into gear. And when i come to a complete stop while just like slamming on the brakes, the tranny for some reason does not downshift like it is suppose to and im in a complete stop while still in like 2nd gear and when it finally downshifts into 1st gear my RPM will drop dramatically and kills the car. Im hoping that that doesnt mean my tranny is bad ! =( .. Upshift and Downshift is slow and laggy for the most part and doesnt seem to shift properly.

    3. My shifter is LOCKED !! I am not able to shift my shifter out of Park. I have to acually stick my key into the shift lock key hole and shift it into neutral before i can even start the car. Once i get the shifter out of Park, i can shift it through all the gears without any problems. I can even go back into park and out of park as long as i dont let go of the button. But trying to shift the shifter out of Park when starting up the car will not work. Im not sure where i read it, but i read that i have to wire up another wire or something to get the shhifter out of park because of the Jdm TCM or something ?

    Well, that is all that i can think of as of now but if i remember anything i will be back for sure to post it down. If anybody, i mean anything.. who has a similar setup to mine can help me out i'd appreciate it alot !! :) .. Thanks for looking and reply if you can help !! Oh, and one more thing.. There is NO Check Engine Light.. Once in a while i will get TRANNY Code for 1 and 8.

    93 Accord Lx 10th anniversary
    Jdm H22a Auto Swap running on p13 ecu and stock accord tcm
    2 1/2" cat-back N1 exhaust
    Jdm header with jdm downpipe
    Aem air-intake.. (modified into cold-air)
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