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Anybody who

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by jamesA, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. jamesA

    jamesA I'm a gun addict now. VIP

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    Aug 10, 2003
    That has an Escort and would like to have a few performance parts for it?? :unsure:

    I got so much shit to get rid of...

    ~1.8L block comes with the crank - $190 + shipping
    Or I could take the crank out and you can buy the block separate - $140 + shipping
    ~1.8L Crankshaft (if removed) - $50 + shipping
    ~1.8L set of 4 pistons come with rods, and bearings - $30 each + shipping
    ~1.8L head, includes cams, gears painted valve cover, all valves etc - $175 + shipping
    Edit: I was told this head had been completely rebuilt when I bought it.
    ~1.8L Upper intake plenum includes the VICS valve system - $35 + shipping
    ~1.8L lower intake runners - $30 + shipping
    ~~T3 Turbocharger $250 OBO + shipping. A/R: .45 Built by Air Research. Who wants it? If no one wants it, I'll find a way to fit it to my Civic.
    ~~T3/T4 turbo flange adapter, I just bought it via paypal - $20 + shipping

    ~One Cracked 1992 GT front bumper, slightly bondo'd for the fun of it, this includes a set of Cybar white aftermarket fog lamps. total package for - $70 - no shipping. *If no takers i'll sell it to autobumperexchange here in town...keep in mind that this is a great bumper to start from if you wanna do your own custom bumper &/or practice shaving the body lines.
    ~~My original 3 piece spoiler, it's pink so it needs to be cleaned primed and painted. I'm fairly sure I still have all the mounting hardware and I know I still have the third brake light and the wiring harness for the bulb too. - $40 + shipping.
    ~~Set of FOUR 1993 GT rims, slightly bubbled rust, 3 good tires, 1 bald tire. - $45 each + I decided I will ship if necessary. (Good Deal I think...)

    ~~Powerstop Slotted and cross drilled rotors for the Escort GT FRONT, NEVER been out of the boxes... This is for the models with rear discs - $75 for the pair + shipping
    ~~EBC Greenstuff brake pads for the Escort GT FRONT, also never been out of the box. - $50/set + shipping
    ~~Front and Rear Susp. tech 1.5" lowering springs - $50 each + shipping

    I was told that the factory cd player does not have Amp Preouts & I don't want to buy a CD player if I already have one from the factory, so I am selling the extra sound equipment.

    ~~A pair of 10" MTX Thunder 4000 4 ohm subs, 50-200W total power each - $100 for the pair, OR $60 for unused one + shipping & $40 for used one + shipping.
    ~~MTX 8302 150w total power 2 channel amp used as much as the 1 sub - $100 + shipping
    ~~MOMO Shift boot. Blue, never been installed - $40 + shipping
    ~~1992 GT Gauge Bezel. I painted it a blue color from Autozone after I bought it and cleaned it from a junkyard. It has one broken mounting point but will work anyway. I had pictures of it with my gauges - $20 + shipping
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