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B Series Parts & Misc Items

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by Jimmmmmmah!!!, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. Jimmmmmmah!!!

    Jimmmmmmah!!! Junior Member

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    Mar 21, 2005
    Must clear out the GARAGE.

    For Sale:

    17x7 Racing Hart M5 3 Piece Wheels
    with Bridgestone RE950s 205/40/17
    3 Rims/Tires are in perfect condition. The 4th has an bend on the inner lip and no longer holds air. This can be fixed pretty easily. The tire will also need to be replaced as well.
    $600.00 OBO

    99-00 B16A2 Civic Si Parts
    Alternator $80.00
    Knock Sensor $30.00
    Crankshaft $130.00
    B16A2 *Chromed* Valve Cover $100.00
    B16A2 OEM Valve Cover $50.00
    Bare Intake Manifold $50.00
    Thermostat Housing & Thermostat $30.00
    Dipstick $15.00
    OEM Shifter $15.00
    OEM Stock Shocks $25.00
    Neuspeed Sofsport Springs $100.00
    Oil Pan $100
    4 OEM Injectors $100.00
    B&M Silver Fuel Pressure Regulator OBO
    Comptech *Polished* Spark Plug Cover OBO
    Cat Converter Unsure of Condition. OBO
    Upper & Lower Timing Belt Cover OBO
    B16A2 Water Pipe OBO
    Crank Pulley OBO
    Alternator Brackets OBO
    Steering Wheel in good condition but is missing Cruise control buttons OBO

    96-97 JDM B18C GSR Parts
    JDM GSR Oil Pump
    A/C Brackets $30.00
    P/S Brackets $30.00
    P/S Pump $70.00
    Oil Pickup $30.00
    OEM Spark Plug Wires OBO
    OEM Spark Plug Cover OBO
    OEM Oil Cap OBO
    OEM Fuel Rail OBO
    Driver Side Upper Motor Mount OBO

    B18C5 ITR Parts
    DC 4-1 Header $175.00

    Viewsonic PF790 19" CRT Monitor in Good Condition $100.00

    First Generation Kenwood Sirius Add-On Tuner & Antenna
    KTC-SR901 and CX-SIR10 $25.00

    Pictures are available upon request.

    Terms of the Sale:
    Shipping: Buyer pays for shipping. Shipping is from the Los Angeles area (90292)
    Payment: Paypal, Check or Money Order. If you are paying via paypal, please add 3%

    Contact Info:
    PM: Jimmmmmmah!!!
    Email: Jimmy@clubsi.cc
    AIM: Jimmmmmmah or SiRaverNRacer

  2. Taco15

    Taco15 I wear stretchy pants VIP

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    Jan 11, 2005
    Tallahassee Fl
    cool name :p good luck with the sales
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